Everyone has the “Pet-tential” to succeed and our mission is to showcase just that—all while making delicious dog treats (just ask your dog)! From mixing to selling, Pet-tential’s employees are proving that individualism is the best recipe for success! Pet-tential was designed, specifically, to create a fulfilling, skill-based job opportunity for adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities while making sure they receive fair compensation, as well as a sense of accomplishment and purpose.  Our work-at-your-own-pace philosophy is tailored to fit each individual’s unique background, talents, and skills while the no-additive, no-preservative, wheat-free handmade treats are a healthier option to the heavily-processed pet products found in stores.

Who We Are

The owners of Pet-tential have worked in the autism field for as long as they can remember doing ABA therapy with children. In 2017, they decided that they wanted to expand their involvement by working with adults. They strive to provide solutions in a much-needed area: post-school vocational training and employment opportunities. For the growing number of adults with special needs who continue to “age out” of provider services, options are needed to combat the discouraging uncertainty for adults and their families.  This is why Pet-tential’s  design supports continual skill development, personal growth, community involvement, and an opportunity to continue progressing through the workforce….all while making a delicious treat your doggy will love.

Why Dog Treats

We came up with the idea of making and selling dog treats for a few simple reasons. For starters, many individuals with ASD enjoy a scheduled day where they know what to expect and what will come next. For them, comfort can be found in performing repetitive tasks with a clear beginning and end–just like following a recipe! Also, the tasks involved are so varied from start to finish–shopping for ingredients, baking, packaging, and selling to name a few–that there can be both a starting point and room for growth for most individuals in the program. This means an individualized work plan for each person with the “pet-tential” for growth here and in future employment endeavors