Pet-tential Treats now at Helm’s Tasting Room

Pet-tential dog treats are now available for purchase at Helm’s Tasting Room in Ocean Beach! The manager of this tasting room, Adam, has been nothing short of wonderful to Pet-tential and supportive of our mission to help adults with disabilities gain valuable work skills and meaningful employment opportunities. Earlier this year, in April, 2018, Adam and his staff were gracious enough to host our Pet-tential Launch Party, where we provided pizza and snacks for the staff and patrons while selling our dog treats.

Today, our peanut butter dog treats are available for sale at Helm’s in Ocean Beach. This tasting room not only has the prime location for people watching, but also is kid-friendly and dog-friendly. Helm’s also features artwork for local artists on its walls which is often also available for purchase. Obviously, this is the kind of establishment that really knows what “neighborhood” means–supporting local efforts and small business! Definitely take the time to drop in to this friendly spot and see what it has to offer!